Relationship Therapy Harley Street

Falling in love with someone with the view to spending a lifetime of happiness together is the dream of many, if not all, of the people in this world. Billions of people try to find that one in a million and succeed. The reality, however, is not so cut and dry, like many things in life, and forks in the road are commonplace. If you and your partner are struggling, relationship therapy like ours on Harley Street could be the catalyst for change.

At Health Psychology Clinic in London, we are determined to explore the inhibitions holding you and your partner back. Relationships can be wonderful and exuberant things for two people but when they turn sour it can feel like the only option is to break-up.

Understanding when to quit and when to make something work is an important part of any relationship, and our specialist psychologist will guide you through your problems. These can spawn from all manner of things from unfaithfulness, bad experiences or developing a lack of openness with one another.  

We’re passionate about bringing two people that love each other back into a position where they can see their future blossom ahead of them. It can be a difficult process, especially in cases where a partner has been unfaithful, to recover, but with our help you and your partner can heal the wounds.

Talking, listening and becoming intimate again

Our highly-trained psychologist, Joanna Konstantopoulou, will begin the process by exploring the reasons behind any unhappiness the both of you are experiencing. Using couple therapy sessions means that you can confidentially talk about the problems holding you back without fear of it ever leaving the room.

Expressing feelings is varied for each person, and coping with changes in work and life can impact upon relationships. Whatever issues are holding you back, we will discuss why you’re feeling the way you are.

Another tributary of relationships stagnating or not developing the way you wish, is a lack of intimacy. It’s an incredibly important part of any relationship because of its ability to express love without the need for words. The removal or distance from intimacy from your partner, perhaps due to work or lifestyles, can create a divide in your relationship.

We recommend that even healthy couples seek our therapy sessions because of their ability to comfortably deal with any current and future problems that you see or foresee. We want to help you improve your relationship and ensure a happy future for you.

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