Boost Self-Confidence

How Psychological Therapy can Help Boost Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a very important part of an individual’s psychological character and allows people to trust their own judgement, follow their dreams and be secure in their abilities. This goes a long way to making be happy and healthy and able to lead full and productive lives. However, those who suffer from low confidence are often shy and withdrawn and may find it difficult to interact with other people. This can have a serious impact on all aspects of a person’s life and seriously diminish their quality of life. Fortunately, psychological therapy can help to boost self-confidence and people can use therapy to transform their lives for the better.

The Dangers of Low Self-Confidence

People who suffer from low self-confidence are likely to feel like they are worthless and that they will fail at anything they try. As a result, they may have no direction or drive in life and be reluctant to try new things. This can lead to feelings of bitterness, especially regarding doing a job that the individual feels is beneath them as well as towards family and friends if they feel that they are not receiving the love and understanding that they deserve. In turn, these feelings can turn into depression if left unchecked and individuals who suffer from low self-confidence may become increasingly withdraw, which creates a downward spiral that is difficult to remedy without professional help.

Identifying Reasons for Low Self Image

There are lots of potential reasons for low self-image such as traumas experienced in childhood like verbal and physical abuse, the inability to communicate due to a speech impediment or a long period of illness. People who were overweight or underweight during childhood may have been bullied as a result, which could have contributed to low self-image, while those who consistently scored badly on tests may be under the impression that they are stupid. Through a series of counselling sessions, a psychologist can help individuals to uncover the roots of their low self-image so that they can work on these areas of their lives. Therapists provide a safe place where individuals can talk about their feelings openly and honestly and it is often the case that once these feelings are vocalised their hold on the individual is diminished. Once the issues have been identified, the therapist can then help the individual to work on them so that their can transform their lives for the better.

One of the key factors to overcoming low self-confidence is learning to appreciate yourself and your own unique traits and skills. We can help you to uncover and appreciate your main strengths and skills and learn how to develop them to make the person really shine. It is also important to establish a good body image and people who manage their thoughts and feelings are likely to find that their mood improves.

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