anger management therapy


Anger is a natural emotion for everyone and is generally a response to a threat. It has a range of feeling from mild irritation through to fury.

There is external anger or internal anger. External anger is when something happens outside of our control e.g. a traffic jam, and we have a choice of how we respond. Internal anger is when worry over personal issues, for example something that happened in the past.

However for many people, it isn’t the easiest emotion to express appropriately. You may tend to keep anger bottled up or maybe you express anger in violent outbursts.

Ongoing anger can also affect health, for example causing high blood pressure, ulcers, acid indigestion or insomnia.

When is professional help needed?

If you think that your anger is getting out of control making you do or say things which are inappropriate, then you may need some outside help.

Through using cognitive behavioural therapy, you can learn to recognise signs of anger and to understand what triggers your anger. Very often underlying feelings such as fear, sadness, hurt or depression can contribute to the anger. Through therapy, you can come to respond to anger in a healthy way.

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