life management skills


If you want to better understand someone or a situation, resolve differences and build trust and respect – you need effective communication skills. We can help you improve your personal or professional communication skills.

Would you like to:

  • improve your presentation skills?
  • contribute effectively to meetings?
  • enjoy easier communications with partner, family and friends?
  • feel more confident in how you come across to others?
  • be a more assertive person?
  • speak your mind with self-assurance?
  • manage conflict?
  • say no with authority?
  • give and receive feedback?
  • manage criticism?
  • negotiate resolutions?

We can help you improve your communication style with confidence so that you present yourself with poise and influence.


Managing your time productively means you achieve more in less time – in other words, you work smarter not harder.

You know you need time management if you:

  • feel constantly rushed and overwhelmed in your personal or professional life
  • feel confused about personal or professional goals in your life
  • tend to procrastinate
  • reactive
  • are easily distracted
  • take on too much and achieve little
  • feel constantly stressed and under pressure.

If you manage your time poorly, not only will you be ineffective, but you are also putting your wellbeing at risk. As a health psychologist, I can improve your effectiveness and state of mind in the minimal of time through: improved concentration, realistic goal setting, knowing how to delegate, prioritizing tasks and using your high-energy time periods better.

If you would like to talk to someone about available psychotherapeutic methods for communication skills and time managementplease get in touch with us at the Health Psychology Clinic by telephone at 020 8144 3041 or book online by clicking below.