What they say about us

" Thank you! You helped me with my panic attacks and feeling alive again. I really appreciate what you have done! Without your support I may possibly have given up. "
Female, 28 years old

" I had terrible panic attack, I was shaking to my way to work and I couldn’t breathe. After few sessions with Joanna all my symptoms reduced and felt already better. "
Male, 42 years old

" I started psychotherapy before 2 months as I had a very dysfunctional relationship with my partner. Now I have clearer mind to communicate better, I am more assertive to make decisions and have healthier relationship with him. I started to understand him and respect his needs as well. Psychotherapy was like a journey to me to find what I really wanted and I am so thankful I found Joanna to guide me to this difficult path. "
Female, 37 years old

" I visited Joanna last year for a health problem with my stomach, I had clear health exams and my doctor said it caused from work stress. I referred to Joanna and started psychotherapy with health psychology and cognitive behaviour therapy. After six sessions I felt more balanced and I am in my way to have my healthy body back. "
Male, 54 years old

" I am so grateful I met Joanna. I felt great after the first session. My friend told me about cognitive behaviour therapy and referred me to Joanna. The booking process was fast and the lady at the reception was very kind, I started psychology therapy immediately. I am so relieved that I have learned some useful therapeutic techniques for my panic attacks. Thank you so much Joanna, you changed my life. "
Female, 21 years old

" One of the best psychologists in town! I had psychotherapy for years and I couldn’t overcome my passion for food and the bad habit of emotional eating. When I started psychotherapy with Joanna she used psychoeducation and taught me about cognitive and behaviour techniques I could use when I feel stressed and isolated at work. Now I have a better mood and energy. "
Female, 38 years old

" What a great team! Joanna you are an excellent professional! I referred to Joanna by my cardiologist in Greece. We had skype sessions for 3 months. Now I continue with booster sessions once a month. "