Weight Management

If you want to follow a program that suits with every diet, you find difficult to keep yourself away from binge eating and you lack self -discipline to follow a weight loss program, we are here to help you. You are not alone to this journey.

Cognitive behavioural therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy can be used with great success in weight management for changing self-defeating eating habits and replacing them with positive, healthy behavior.

How to Control your Mind about What You Eat

Many people struggle with keeping their weight under control and it has been discovered that one of the main problems is the way that we think about food. Several people also develop eating disorders and other types of related issues due to lack of self-confidence and poor body image. Psychological Therapy for weight management helps to identify the thought patterns that are triggered when different individuals think about food, break unhealthy and destructive thought patterns and establish new thought patterns that individuals can use to change their eating patterns, become healthier and happier and lose weight at the same time.

Reviewing Eating Patterns

The key to changing any aspect of your life for the better is identifying bad habits so that you can break them. Many unhealthy eating habits are established in childhood and are therefore difficult for individuals to identify by themselves and break. The idea that people must finish all of the food that is on their plate tends to lead to overeating and one of the best ways to deal with this is to review and downside potions of food so that people are eating the appropriate amount. Many people tend find that their eating habits are influenced by their mood and they may binge eat when they are feeling depressed or anxious to try and make themselves feel better. Other people find it very difficult to eat when they are feeling down and may skip meals altogether if they are depressed. However, both of these types of eating behaviours are equally destructive and it is important to establish eating habits that do not rely or mood.

Establishing Healthier Eating Behaviour

The main goal of this type of therapy is to help create healthier eating goals and better lifestyle habits. People who are healthier and happier will ultimately be able to enjoy their life more. Through therapy individuals can learn to appreciate their body and as a result be influenced to take care of it. Therapists can help individuals to create eating plans and schedules that are easy to stick to.

Ditch the Diet and Eat for Life

Many people adopt fad diets to try and shed the pounds and get their weight under control. However, the problem with these diets is that they are only temporary solutions and a lot of people find that they pack the pounds back on again after their diet has come to an end and they have achieved their target weight. In addition, many types of diets are actually very unhealthy because they eliminate certain types of food groups that the body needs to be healthy and function normally. Instead of crash dieting, it is much better to establish healthy eating routines that people can follow for the rest of their lives. A beneficial and healthy diet does not need to leave the individual hungry as it can be packed with energy and vitamin rich fruits and vegetables that will nourish the body and soul rather than leaving people feeling weak and listless.

Following our weight management program:

  • You will identify negative thoughts, you will change negative beliefs and mood that prevent you from reaching you ideal weight.
  • You will identify the trigger that leads you to the fridge.
  • You will learn how not to cheat and how to stop sabotaging thoughts
  • You will feel satisfied day by day,
  • You will be less stressed and you will learn how to cope with other life problems and stressors.

Psychological therapies can help you if you would like to:

  • lose weight
  • increase weight
  • stop binge eating
  • Reduce night-time over-eating
  • Establish positive and healthy body images

Effective weight management is about healthy eating. However, more importantly it is about managing the stress and emotional distress behind why you may not be eating properly. For example, you might be using food as a displacement activity in order to avoid doing a task you don’t like; you may be over-eating in order to push down uncomfortable feelings about yourself; you may be putting on weight as a barrier against getting involved in a relationship. Sometimes we eat because we’re bored, anxious or angry.

We can help you attain not only your health weight, but also improve your mindsets, body image, love yourself and boost your self-esteem thereby making positive long-term differences to your wellbeing.

If you would like to talk to someone about treatments for weight managementplease get in touch with us at the Health Psychology Clinic by telephone at 020 8144 3041 or book online by clicking below.