Find Compassionate Postnatal Depression Treatment In London

The birth of your child is often depicted as one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. Joy at bringing a new person into the world, relief at the pain subsiding and excitement for the future. However, it’s not always the fairytale that’s seen in the movies.

At Health Psychology Clinic, we understand that everyone goes through different emotions and feelings when a new baby is born and it can manifest itself in a detrimental way in some. Our postnatal depression treatment can help you through this extremely difficult time for you and your partner.

It can happen to men in a similar vein but postnatal depression is a major problem with some mothers. You can become sad, make drastic changes to your eating habits, find your libido lowered and a constant anxiety lingering over you.

You don’t have to suffer from these ailments without seeking the professional help that you need. Our postnatal depression treatment at Health Psychology Clinic will give you the confidence and belief to break free from the struggles that you’re understandably under.

Moving you forward delicately towards a happier future

There is famously one baby born every minute, which means every minute another mother has to cope with the struggles that follow childbirth. It is a real problem that can only be solved by speaking to a team such as ours at Health Psychology Clinic.

We will work with you to create a plan for your recovery. You can struggle with postnatal depression for a long time, but we’re here to help whenever you feel you need it. Our professional health psychologists use a variety of methods to guide you through your postnatal depression.

By speaking to our team at Health Psychology Clinic, you’ll be able to set realistic goals, motivate yourself to change and try to reduce the psychological distress you are under. This is done by recognising and highlighting where the depression stems from and cutting it from the source.

Our wellbeing strategy is designed to guide you through all the stages of postnatal depression. While it can start with sadness at certain times, it can easily develop into crippling anxiety that will begin to damage your livelihood.

Based in Harley Street, London, our clinic is the ideal place to visit when you’re in need of someone to talk to. All our staff can aid your search for the perfect help. Get in touch with us to find out more.