Virtual Reality Therapy London

New and interesting methods of psychology are being trialled across the world. None more so than the use of virtual reality to improve the way the brain sees and understands a set of situations. At Health Psychology Clinic, we can provide you with virtual reality therapy in London.

Based around the idea that your mind and brain believe what they are seeing is happening, this therefore gives you the opportunity to ‘trick’ the brain. This ‘tricking’ isn’t about changing everything, but allowing you to see your problems in a harmless virtual reality world.

The developments in virtual reality have meant that everyone has seen or tried one in recent years. While they are currently sold for games consoles to make them more realistic, they can make a huge difference to your mental health.

By wearing the headset and earphones, you are submerged in this alternate world that you can interact with. By picking up objects and making gestures you can begin to hit challenges in an easy to manage setting.

Using the alternate world to turn your mental health around

There is a definite disconnect between you and the virtual reality headset, but it seems real enough to work your brain and begin to help you get over your issues. If you’re hamstrung by anxiety issues, anger problems or finding daily life a struggle, this could help.

Virtual reality is still in its formative stages, but it will provide you with a platform and escape from your own worries and into manageable, bite-sized virtual problems. This is especially true of phobias.

When you’re faced with a phobia every single day, it can be easy to compartmentalise every situation and make sure you avoid your phobia. The opposite is true and this is when virtual reality can make a real difference.

Exposure to a situation that you know is scary and fearful in the beginning will develop your coping mechanisms. With the virtual reality headset, you will be given designated situations that will allow you to face your fears.

While that may seem daunting, our team here will put you at ease when you book an appointment. We believe that virtual reality will give you the best chance of removing the fear and facing up to your phobias.

Visit our team on Harley Street today to discover how easy it is to change your problems with virtual reality therapy.