Surgery Counselling Support In Harley Street

If you’re going ‘under the knife’, are facing the prospect of surgery or you’ve recently come out of the hospital after treatment, you can be forgiven for feeling down or low. It’s not only a difficult time for your body as it recovers from the injuries and strains of surgery but your mind.

At Health Psychology Clinic, we’re on hand to give you the best and latest advice to come back to full health. The word health is used around the world to describe a complete ‘physical, mental, social and spiritual’ wellbeing. When one of these four pillars are under threat – you need to seek the help of professionals.

Our surgery counselling support on Harley Street is lauded for its ability to turn your situation around and transform the way you think about your problems. Your mindset before, during and after surgery will be one of negativity; and that’s not an issue. It’s natural to feel as though you’re stuck in a situation you can’t get out of but there is someone who can help.

We use a team of dedicated psychologists that specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and health psychology. The study of the mind, what provokes the way we feel in certain situations and the reasons behind our lack of progression from this state are all covered by our team at Health Psychology Clinic.

Don’t allow your surgery to take over your life

It’s easy to become lost in the moment of your surgery. Whether it’s in the future and you’re currently on the waiting list or you’re worried about the prospect of it, there are many things that can aid your deteriorating mental health.

That’s not to say that it is unnatural to feel awkward, scared or down about surgery, but to say there is a way out of it, a way where you and our team can start to make real progress. That progress comes in the form of therapy sessions with our highly-trained personnel. Instantly put at ease, you’ll start to discover the reasons why you’re feeling the way you are.

The importance of getting help for your problems – whether you’re feeling them currently or not – is integral to your development and recovery as a person. With our helpful team at Health Psychology Clinic you’ll have access to the best and more appropriate therapy for your surgery concerns.

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