Stress Management London

In 2015-16, there were 11.7 million working days lost because of stress, depression or anxiety in the UK. In the Labour Force Survey, it also describes that these lost working days were for ‘self-reported work-related illnesses or injuries’. While it is a worrying trend, there is help for people struggling with these issues. At Health Psychology Clinic, we are passionate about providing stress management in London and can help you back on the path to a clearer, less damaging working life.

Whether you have a deadline coming up soon, or you’re not performing at your best – stress can manifest itself differently for every person. Some will see stress as a positive adventure, one that will inevitably end with happiness and relief at the end. Some, however, will not see the end and will use that time to worry about the situation in response.

This can prompt several effects when it comes to physical, mental and emotional behaviours. You can notice the signs in other people when they are particularly stressed. From over-eating, increased frequency of headaches, more worry and a general downheartedness, stress can become a challenging bridge to overcome.

Working with you to battle away the stress through therapy.

Modern life has thrown up some transformations in the way we operate daily. At our Harley Street clinic in London, we are perfectly placed to provide you with a range of psychotherapy, psychology and behavioural treatment medicine for any one suffering from stress.

We can help you to manage the ups and downs that come with our uber-technological life and ease your worries away from the things that stress you out. We use a variety of methods to get you back to feeling your best and help you to identify stressful elements of your life before they become an issue.

Our professional health psychologist and psychotherapist, Joanna Konstantopoulou, has years of experience working with the science behind psychology as well as actual practice. She is equally able to provide advice and guidance to groups as she is with individuals. She has worked extensively with stress and anger issues, and can provide you or someone you know with professional therapy.

Stress is commonplace throughout the world and is further compounded by our technology advances, but being able to separate the stressful elements from your life and not letting them effect you can be difficult.

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