Psychologist Knightsbridge

The way we deal with anger, the methods we use to unwind as well as coping with phobias are all in the mind. At Health Psychology Clinic, we offer you a professional psychologist in Knightsbridge that can help you deal with any psychological ailments you have.

There are a wide range of problems and issues that arise from our daily lives that we box away for another time. Fast forward in time and these have stacked up and can begin eating away at you. They can be prompted by a wide spanning and almost never-ending list of scenarios, but learning to understand your responses to situations is something a psychologist can help you with.

From post-natal depression, anger management, life skills, eating disorders to sexual difficulties and stress management, our psychologist at Health Psychology Clinic can help you. Joanna Konstantopoulou has gained many years of experience studying and applying psychology and the science behind it.

Using this knowledge, she will be able to identify the root cause of your psychological barriers and break them down with you. With her therapy sessions, you will begin to understand why you are feeling down or depressed.

Thinking out loud and building your confidence back up again.

When your confidence is down, and you feel low, it’s easy to blame it on external factors. These are uncontrollable but your responses to these inevitable actions are what creates the bad aura. Accepting that your psychological barriers are being caused by things you can’t control is important.

Our psychologist from our Harley Street clinic will help you to understand these things and begin the healing process. Whatever problems are making your daily life a struggle or leaving you feeling down, there is someone who can listen to you.

Whatever your preconceptions of therapy are, you can be rest assured they will be banish within minutes of meeting our psychologist. While Joanna specialises in behavioural change and developing a rational mindset fit for modern life, she is also adept at providing much more.

Couples therapy, cancer counselling, weight management and anxiety help are just some of the wide variety of psychological help available to you. If you’re slightly sceptical about how Joanna can help you, why not arrange a 15-minute phone call to discuss your initial assessment in a confidential setting. To book an appointment, fill out our online form.

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