Psychological Therapy London

No matter how strong you are, it’s a certainty that you will face up to problems that test your mental capabilities over your life time. The way we deal with these issues is different for every single person in the world and for some, it can create lasting psychological damage. At Health Psychology Clinic, our job is lead you through psychological therapy in London, and get you back to feeling your best.

Depression can spawn from a bad break-up in a relationship, panic attacks can become regular from one awful experience and sexual difficulties can often spawn from the mind. These issues can eat away at you, preventing you from being happy or just holding you back. Getting help and support for these issues is important, but finding someone you can trust is the first step.

Our Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Joanna Konstantopoulou, has built-up over a decade of study in the scientific knowledge behind psychology. This is combined with her eight years of professional experience. From our clinic on Harley Street, Joanna has provided help and support to many people with a variety of different psychological disorders.

What happens after I book a psychological therapy appointment?

From the clinic in Central London, we provide you with the tools to create solutions to your everyday problems. These can manifest themselves in lots of different ways, but our job is to firstly understand and secondly set attainable goals.

Scraping the surface of your problems is something that we perform with delicate care and understanding. We empathise with your scenarios to provide you with the impetus and mental skills to combat anything that is affecting you.

The professional sessions that we offer last around 50 minutes and we encourage weekly meetings with you to maintain the instilled therapeutic improvement. After an initial consultation, you will agree a certain number of sessions, we usually recommend between eight and 16, and then begin your road to recovery.

After these sessions are completed, we recommend a booster session to ensure that the problem has fully subsided. This gives the both of us assurances that you are doing well and we are performing our job correctly. 

Our service is also relevant and apt for people that you know. Those that don’t see what you see from the outside. Battling one’s inner demons can often produce wider social issues, and if you suspect someone you know is in this position, refer them to our expert at Health Psychology Clinic. 

Book an appointment to see how we can help you.