Psychological Therapy London

Psychology is the way our brains react to every situation. Every single twinkle in someone’s eye or a facial expression makes an imprint in our mind. At Health Psychology Clinic, we can provide psychological therapy in London to help you cope with these stressful changes.

Being able to come up with homemade solutions in your own head is difficult if you’re not accustomed to it. Our psychology specialist will ensure that you have the tools and know-how to deal with everything life throws at you.

It can come from your job, your relationships or the way your view yourself, but stress, anxiety and depression can follow from not dealing with psychological changes in the right way. With our professional psychologist, you can discuss your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours in total confidence.

Based in London’s Harley Street, our psychology clinic is a great place to be yourself and discover how to solve your problems. By using your present difficulties and current issues, we will create a rapport that works to find solutions in your own head.

Turning those difficult tasks into manageable, malleable and bitesize objectives

In co-operation with Joanna Konstantopoulou, our professional psychologist, you will develop a keen eye for creating manageable goals. These goals and objectives will help you to shape your future and view different aspects of any situation.

After developing a shared understanding of your issues and what creates a negative mindset in your head, you will start to make time-related goals and strategies. These will be monitored carefully to help you through the problems.

Whether it’s a mental block that you have when approaching a certain situation or you feel boxed in your life currently, you can discuss this with Joanna. As a Greek psychologist, she has developed a critical and practical understanding of the area.

A specialist in Health Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Joanna has worked in the United States and Greece applying her superior knowledge of the brain. With over a decade of scientific knowledge and eight years of clinical experience, Joanna is the ideal psychologist to take care of your most delicate issues.

She has worked with groups, couples and individuals to help them with a range of mental disorders, such as; anxiety, ADHD, jealousy, chronic health issues and binge eating. Your mental health is terribly important to the way your view yourself and other people.

To discover more about our London clinic, contact the team today.