Professional Help With Anxiety In London

If you’re becoming anxious after a bad experience or you avoid certain situations that make you feel uneasy, you may be suffering from anxiety. It has now developed into a problem for many people across the world and at Health Psychology Clinic, we can offer you professional help with anxiety from our London clinic.

There are many different strains of anxiety that affect people in a variety of ways. The most inhibiting type is one that includes panic attacks. The scary moment when you can feel a panic attack coming on isn’t something you should be put through.

It can spawn because of a fear or lack of control in a situation. We believe our cognitive behavioural therapy at Health Psychology Clinic can help you through these problems to ease your anxiety.

Panic attacks can happen to people in large groups and gatherings, or in high buildings. You may not know what will prompt this but you will feel symptoms such as; your heart racing, fear of another attacks, an out of control feeling and a deep worry that the attack will occur again.

You shouldn’t have to deal with these problems alone without the help of someone else. Our team here at Health Psychology Clinic are professionally trained to help you through it.

Solving the deep-lying issues that are holding you back

Our Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Joanna Konstantopoulou, will give you all the help you need through therapy sessions. These will not only give you the ability to self-help your problems but to find out where they stem from.

While it may be one bad experience, it can also be a long-standing issue that your brain can’t get over. Working alongside Joanna, you will begin to find the mental capability to cope with the problems in your head.

Therapy sessions with Joanna combine her ten years of educational experience in psychotherapy with her practical expertise. You will feel instantly at ease with her and be able to talk openly about the things holding you back.

Whether it’s acute shyness, nausea or an inability to relax, Joanna will expertly help you through it all. By setting goals and achievable real-life targets, you will begin to see the immediate difference that can be made with a professional team such as ours.

To discover more about our cognitive behavioural therapy in London, get in contact today.