Postnatal Depression Treatment

After childbirth, many women fester in their own thoughts and slip into depression. It’s a natural feeling that comes over some women and at Health Psychology Clinic, we want to assure you that you don’t have to suffer alone with our postnatal depression treatment.

Depression after birth can be detrimental to your quality of life by affecting many things. Feeling sad, changing your eating habits or losing your libido can all be signs that you are suffering from post-natal depression.

Referred to as postpartum depression, it can affect women in the immediate aftermath of having a child or weeks and months into the future. Our experienced psychologist can help to guide you through your ordeal to get your smile back.

Having a child is a wonderful time for your new family and everyone around you, but that doesn’t mean you should feel pressured into being happy. If you’re feeling anxious, irritable and your sleeping patterns are off, you may have postnatal depression.

We are passionate about providing a wellbeing strategy to get you back to feeling your best. Together with our highly-trained psychologist, you will discuss realistic goals and motivation to improve your quality of life.

Confidential, supportive and empathetic treatment

Our health psychologist, Joanna Konstantopoulou, is here for you to provide confidential treatment. When you’re not sure who to turn to and are sceptical about asking your close relatives, you can relax and talk it through with Joanna.

With over ten years of practical experience and many more studying the science behind psychology, Joanna will be able to ease you through the entire process. With the support of therapy sessions, you will begin to prioritise your happiness and set goals for your future.

Our clinic, located on London’s Harley Street, is a perfect place to begin your treatment and we guarantee it will be kept a secret. It’s not uncommon that women do not tell their partners how they are feeling at times such as these, and we empathise with you.

We can discuss and support you through this testing time to bring your smile back. With our therapy sessions at Health Psychology Clinic, we can help remove the burden of postnatal depression hanging over you and kick start your future.

Whether or not you think you have postnatal depression, there is always someone here at Health Psychology Clinic for you. Get in touch to find out more.