How Our Team Can Help With Anxiety In London

Anxiety in any situation is a scary and worrying time. Everyone in the world feels it at some point, but some take it into their daily life. At Health Psychology Clinic, we can help with your anxiety in London.

It can happen just as you’re about to jump from a plane and perform a skydive, maybe at the top of a tall building, or for some it can happen as part of any crowd. Anxiety is a disorder that takes these problems and exacerbates them into everyday life.

Being anxious before a skydive is the reason most people go for it, but becoming anxious to perform everyday tasks is where something needs to be done. Our team of experts here will be able to ease you through your problems; leaving you to live your life in peace and serenity.

Anxiety is worrying about a certain situation to the point where menial tasks become difficult. The inability to relax, finding it difficult to sleep, aches and discomfort as well as irritability and headaches.

These problems can leave you feel constantly down and in certain cases produce panic attacks and social anxiety. Our team of experts will bring your anxiety levels down and allow you to manage the issues that you face day to day.

Discovering how cognitive behavioural therapy can help ease your worry.

Your social confidence is important to how you develop in your life, career and love life. We understand how your brain works with each moment that you go through. Our job is to ease your worries and social anxiety to improve your standard of life.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is proven to calm and relax you throughout the problems that you face. Your previous panicked and rushing mind can be replaced with one of calmness with our therapy sessions.

Our professional cognitive behavioural therapist, Joanna Konstantopoulou, can deal with depression, anger, anxiety and jealousy. The confidence bestowed in you by Joanna will ease any outlying problems that exist within your brain.

The way your brain functions and reacts to every situation creates a knock-on effect to the next thing, and the next thing, and so on. Our therapy sessions will help you to recognise where the bad thoughts and worries are stemming from and relinquish them from your brain.

To discover more about our therapy sessions and how they can help you, get in touch with us today.