Help With Depression London

Depression can come in many forms, and manifest itself within a person and begin to eat away at their social life. Whether it is a bad experience or a lasting impact from a whole range of situations, it can happen to anyone. At Health Psychology Clinic, our experts can help you with depression in London and get you started on the road to recovery.

Depression can affect several things in your life or someone that is affected by this behavioural disease. This can include such things as; low self-esteem, loss of interest in normal activities, deteriorating sleep patterns, feeling socially isolated and a loss of ability to work.

If you suffer from any of these impacting factors in your life, you can call upon our services at Health Psychology Clinic to guide you clear of your troubles. Finding the right balance between help and guidance, our specialist Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist Joanna Konstantopoulou will aid your recuperation to full health.

Health issues can prompt depression as the inability to perform certain tasks takes a hold. This can be nurtured throughout with our cognitive behaviour therapy. This works to improve your mood and mindset to deal with the health issues you are facing up to.

Finding a way out of depression and knowing that someone is there for you.

The hardest and most difficult stage of depression is putting your trust in someone and understanding that there is someone that can help you; whatever the problem. Our service at Health Psychology Clinic is here to empathise with your situation and guide you through your issues.

We will use our therapy sessions to get you talking about the problems that you have come across, and why they make you feel the way they do. While this may seem like a daunting process, we aim to give you a personable and confidential experience.

Our understanding stretches far beyond your depression and we can guarantee that you are given the opportunity to express the things that are holding you back. With years of experience, we are experts at providing therapy for your problems. Our therapy sessions last 50 minutes and we recommend weekly sessions to coax your brain away from the negative thoughts.

If you’d like to request an appointment at our Harley Street clinic, then you can do so by using our online contact form or by ringing our team on 020 8144 3041.

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