Help With Depression Harley Street 

Thought patterns and mindsets are integral to everything we do. Whether it’s to complete a task at work or do something nice for your partner, your brain demands answers and reasons for it all. At Health Psychology Clinic, we’re dedicated to using cognitive behavioural therapy to help with depression in Harley Street.

Depression can be a slow or immediate process. Spawning from a deterioration in your health and wellbeing, salary at work or abrupt things such as deaths, break-ups and financial insecurity. When we are tasked with challenging things like this, it’s up to the brain to nullify the effects.

The problems that depression can create are things such as:

·       A drop in low self-esteem or confidence in certain situations

·       Persistent and avoiding bad mood

·       Lack of motivation to complete usual tasks

·       Discombobulated sleep patterns

·       Isolating yourself from social situations

While depression isn’t confined to these issues, they can be a good indicator that your mental health is suffering as a result of the way your brain processes information and situations. If you feel as though depression is the cause of pain in your life, our team can help you see to the other side.

Teach your brain to cure your depression

In 1949, the United States decreed that May would be Mental Health Awareness month. To this day, it still remains and is testimony to a world that is beginning to take mental health seriously. Our team here at Health Psychology Clinic can help you to see the green grass at the other side.

Our cognitive behavioural expert, Joanna Konstantopoulou, will guide you through the therapy by showing your negative mindsets and thought patterns to you and what is contributing to your clinical depression.

When you visit our clinic in Harley Street, we will make your wellbeing our priority. We will create a strategy to make sure that you can cope in the future with anything life throws at you. We will discuss and create realistic goals, allow you to become more informed about the mindset and process for each decision you make and help to motivate changes in your lifestyle to benefit you long term.

Whether your depression spawns from post-pregnancy, your on-going illness or the mental disruption of grievance and loss, our team can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Depression can happen to anyone. Book your first appointment to find out more