Five Reasons To Try Pain Management Therapy In Harley Street

Pain is different for everyone. Thresholds of pain are difficult to control when you’re under the pressure of chronic syndromes. This is where you need to call upon our cognitive behaviour expert at Health Psychology Clinic for pain management in Harley Street.

Not only do you have an obligation to seek help for your ailments, but you deserve to be able to live with your pain without it infringing on your life. We will help you to move away from restrictive medicines for the pain and teach you psychologically to see pain differently.

This may sound like a fantasy, but our team at Health Psychology Clinic in London are dedicated to helping you through the pain. Here are five reasons to try our pain management therapy in Harley Street: 


1.     Don’t let it get the better of you – we’re passionate about our clients and therefore knowing that the pain hurts you and those around you means we want to help you battle it.  

2.     We know how it works – our cognitive behaviour expertise gives us the ability to change the little things that can impact the pain. The right sleep, the right food and exercise is recommended as integral to your recovery.

3.     Help you to problem-solve – we’re not simply going to wave a magic wand. We have to get you to understand the thought process that evokes pain. Rather than talking and thinking about the pain, we’ll help you to problem solve why and when the pain impacts you.

4.     Doing the things you love – we don’t want you to wallow in pain without doing your hobbies and we will help you get the best of the pain to get you back to enjoying life.

5.     Experience - Joanna Konstantopoulou, our health psychologist, has professional and clinical experience in cognitive behaviour as well as being a member of several esteemed boards and councils.


When you visit our Harley Street clinic for the first time, it’s important that we divulge all the information that we need to from you. We will help to create a picture of your life before and after your chronic pain to try and re-build it.

Our health psychologist understands that everyone is different and deals with pain in a variety of ways. Having worked in the USA, Greece and the United Kingdom, she can help you get through your problems.

To discover why our pain management course is perfect for you, get in touch with us today.