Find The Right Help For Anger Management In London

We all get angry sometimes. Whether it’s the constant red lights on the road or a difficult situation in your relationship, your emotions can easily get the better of you. That’s nothing to worry about, but if it begins to take over, you should seek anger management help from our team in London.

Health Psychology Clinic is the ideal place to visit when you’re struggling to comprehend the way you feel or if you are losing control all too often. Our team of expert psychologists have experience with a range of mental health problems - anger issues do come under this category if they’re serious – and can help you through them.

There’s no catch-all cure for anger. While some blow off steam exercising, others will bottle it up for another time or let it dissipate naturally, anger manifests itself in everyone differently. Anger ranges from a small irritation to an uncontrollable fury, but the severity of your anger isn’t what categorises it as an anger issue.

Our team at Health Psychology Clinic will diagnose in your free 15-minute phone consultation whether you’re in need of outside help for your anger issues. If you’re experiencing intense pangs of anger in a certain situation or you say inappropriate things when faced with irritation, you could benefit from our psychological therapy sessions.

Anger inside and out. What we do to simmer down your anger problems at Health Psychology Clinic.

When we get angry, it’s down to factors that we let affect our mental state. There are two kinds of anger that are categorised as internal and external.

Internal anger is defined by personal issues that you’re facing. Whether that’s a relationship gone wrong, a worry over something that has happened in the past or an illness that has created this anger, these are all internal anger prompts.

External anger, however, is when your anger is created by something you have no control over. If you’re feeling worked up about a traffic jam you’re stuck in, are made redundant from your job or you are pushed in the street, these are categorised as external anger cues.

Our team at Health Psychology Clinic will use the therapy sessions with you to get to the bottom of the problems affecting your mentality each day. Our cognitive behavioural therapy is designed to help you learn and recognise what makes you angry. This will lead to a greater understanding of how to respond to the feeling of anger in the right way.

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