Find Effective And Compassionate Pain Management Help On Harley Street, London

We’ve all woken up in the morning with a crick in the neck or pain that floods the small of the back. This temporary warning sign gives a glimpse into what later life will be like and it can be frustrating in the extreme when you’re trying to get things done. Whether it has spawned from your lifestyle, your job or playing sport, pain greets us all at some point.

The main concern when you’ve been injured, or you have left your bed with aches and pains that won’t cease, is trying to find a way to quash the pain and move on amicably with your day. However, that is sometimes not forthcoming and if this persists you can have a job staying positive throughout your week, your month and your year.

At Health Psychology Clinic we’re pain management experts on Harley Street, London, that gives you the chance to expose the problems that are underlying beneath your exterior problems. The thing to note about pain is that it is not permanent and there is an end to it. Along these lines, we know that pain perception is a hugely important factor in the development and retention of the feeling.

Breaking your pain down with the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

You may have heard of CBT and the benefits it can provide you with when you’re trying to think straight and prosper without mental issues impacting you. It is also extremely helpful in aiding your management of pain. That’s exactly what our team at Health Psychology Clinic can do for you.

Chronic pain syndromes are horrible for the receiver because they have to cope with the demands of the pain alongside their normal life. Our pain management on Harley Street, London, combines the must-have elements of CBT to guide you through to a positive end. To do this, we utilise several techniques of CBT that will help you to develop skills to combat it, focusing your brain away from the pain and aiding your creation of a problem-solving attitude.

When you add all these elements to the pot, you’ll start to notice the difference that CBT can have on your ability to manage chronic pain. At Health Psychology Clinic we’re chosen by individuals who can’t cope with their chronic pain and want psychological help to guide them through.

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