Find A HCPC Psychologist In Harley Street 

Depression, anxiety and stress can all spawn from a single moment in time. Our team at Health Psychology Clinic can provide you with a HCPC psychologist in Harley Street to help you through.

HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) are a regulatory body whose aim is to ensure that the public are getting access to professional treatment based around their high standard training. Our team   here  at Health Psychology Clinic have our very own HCPC psychologist that has the badge to prove it.

Anyone that uses the title of psychologist, must be registered with the HCPC. This gives the public the peace of mind to trust those with highly-regarded titles. Our psychologist Joanna Konstantopoulou has  years of experience in both theoretical and clinical cognitive behavioural therapy.

Joanna will use her expertise of the human brain to turn your problems into manageable, bitesize goals and targets. This will help to improve your wellbeing and outlook on life. Your mental health, whatever  you’re going through, is our priority when you book your appointment.

Discuss and dispense your problems with cognitive behavioural therapy.

With Mental Health Awareness month in full swing, it’s important to help those around you to discover their true potential. If you spot your friend feeling a little down over a drink or you’re worrying that anxiety   is halting yourself from doing the things you want to do – it’s important to seek help.

Not only will you be able to talk to someone that understands exactly what you’re going through, but you can dilute the effects on your wellbeing. Everything we do has some impact on our mental health, so  there’s no shame in talking to our team.

Men and women react differently to a set of circumstances, no matter how menial they may seem. This can lead to an ‘eating up’ of the brain or over-thinking a situation in your head. The effect of this can manifest itself as a mental health disorder.

Joanna will talk to you, discuss the root causes and why this is happening. After this, you will begin to create goals and targets for your recovery; allowing you to deal with anything in the future that comes your way.

Even if you don’t feel currently like your mental health is suffering because of work or daily life, it’s recommended that you speak to a psychologist to prepare you for anything life throws at you.

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