Discover Our Professional Anger Management Therapy In London

Our lives are under so much stress in our uber-technological world and the ever-changing work patterns we find ourselves in. The importance of relaxation and management of the stresses and strains that are placed on us has increased.

At Health Psychology Clinic, our anger management therapy sessions in London have become vital for individuals who are finding it difficult to control their emotions. Rages, tantrums, arguments and tiffs, there are so many ways of describing anger objectively but little to describe the feeling of anger.

If you’re finding yourself getting angry at small, minor aspects of your life or allowing stress to build up to the point of anger, then you will benefit from our therapy sessions on Harley Street. Anger is natural for everybody at some point, but if it’s becoming a regular occurrence then you may have anger problems. These issues can manifest themselves because of one moment or due to a series of impactful events.

Finding a team that can listen and help you through your anger management

Our team at Health Psychology Clinic are trusted across the capital to provide help with anger and to dispel the myths around it that it can simply be cured by ‘calming down’. This is never an easy thing to do – and it can often cause the problems to become worse – because of the complex nature of anger.

There are two distinct types of anger that will create problems for you; external and internal. The former is easy to explain because it encompasses everything that is out of your control, things that you won’t be able to change. This is where anger from traffic jams, trains running late or your boiler breaking down can stem from.

Internal anger, therefore, is the stuff that we can control. Relationships, the way we work or the past. Both of them contribute to our overall feeling of anger but if this becomes regular, then speaking to our team will start to help it.  

You’ll immediately be put at ease by our team at Health Psychology Clinic who can break down your anger into simple, bitesize chunks for you to digest. This will stop you saying things out of turn, blurting out offensive comments or blowing off your steam in an argument. While it can be a short-term solve, we want to look towards the long-term for the good of you.

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