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The New Year rung in with a bang – promptly followed by several thousand other firework bangs around your local area. 2018 has begun and the desire for change is always slightly higher at this time. With Dry January, cutting down on sugar, starting up at a new gym or kickstarting a host of other resolutions commencing currently, it’s a great time for people to make the change they’ve always wanted to.

At Health Psychology Clinic we’re all for these changes that will help to better personal lives, make people happier and give individuals a purpose to their lives once more. However, for some it isn’t as easy as waiting for New Year to bring normality or improvements about. Our psychological therapy in Harley Street is waiting for people who have had a sad, depressing or damaging festive period.

We believe that if you’re facing up to problems of the mental ilk at this early point of the year, then it’s the perfect time to visit our team at Health Psychology Clinic. We’ll give you the tools and techniques that you need to fight anything you’re facing. We work with people with a variety of problems that they have little faith in solving at this early part of 2018.

Make January the month that you make a difference and visit us in Harley Street

The reasons that people or yourself feel even worse than usual at this time of the year are vast. The weather, the darkness, bad memories, association of sadness and poor experiences around the festive period are just some. They can halt any progress that you’re making with your psychological wellbeing and leave you lost.

Our psychological therapy in Harley Street is designed to give you the time and space to talk about your problems. Whether these are well-known to you, or you’re completely at a lost as to why you feel this way, we’ll help you get the best results. Having worked with people suffering from illnesses such as depression, anxiety, weight issues, anger problems and phobias who are feeling the impact on their lives, we get it.

We understand exactly how to turn your mental outlook around with our variety of psychological therapy sessions in Harley Street. In the calm and peaceful surroundings of Health Psychology Clinic, you’ll feel confident to talk to us.

To find out more about our psychological therapy, get in contact with us.