Depression and Anxiety Treatment

Not many people truly understand what is going on in their brain at any one time. Our responses to situations are born from previous experiences and the accepted response to a given scenario. This can manifest itself into mental illness. At Health Psychology Clinic, we can provide depression and anxiety treatment in London to help you through.

Whether it’s a bad experience in the past, you have recently gone through something traumatic or things are just bringing you down, our team at Health Psychology Clinic can work to bring those brighter days back to your doorstep.

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand because of their relationship with your brain. They can easily and unnoticeably get in the way of you doing the things you want to. You may feel angry all the time, have blues through the winter period, get stressed in situations too easily or simply feel down for long periods.

Our team at Health Psychology Clinic are here for you to help you develop a method to beat away the blues and start smiling again. We will talk you through your problems to find the root cause, this gives the perfect basis to start your therapy.

There’s always someone here for you

We want to make sure that you know that someone is here to solve your problems, whatever they may be and where ever they may have stemmed from. We can emphasise with the pressures that come from modern life and social media.

Depression is the most common complications of mental illness and affects many people across the world. You’re most definitely not alone in feeling down, angry or upset. One third of people will face problems such as these in their life.

Our health psychologist, Joanna Konstantopoulou, will set realistic goals for your recovery, limit the current psychological distress you are going through, make you more informed about your condition and teach you how to battle it individually.

Of course, every person that visits our clinic on Harley Street will have different approach to their life and we will mould our service to accommodate you. In your initial appointment with us, you will build a rapport with our health psychologist.

Joanna has a wealth of experience behind her which she will use to ensure you start to gain the necessary capacity to cope with the stresses and strains that life throws at us. To find out more, get in touch today.