Coping With Illness Harley Street

When illness takes its toll on your life, it can be hard to shake the burden of fear away from you. The illness may stop you from doing the things that you love and it may cause you to feel down about other aspects of your life. At Health Psychology Clinic, we are here to make sure you’re coping with your illness in Harley Street.

Illnesses can make everything you do difficult. Every step you take may be painful and whenever you step outside, you may feel alienated in the world you now live in. Mostly, this feeling is against every fibre in your body, the fibre in your body that desires to enjoy life.

Whether it’s chronic or long-term, our understanding psychologist will be able to guide you through a process that is often ignored. The problem is as much a psychological one as a physical ailment and our job is to help you prepare mentally for the road ahead.

Initially realising and accepting that you have a long-term problem is the first step on the road to recovery. The symptoms and pains can make it easy to shut off. You may deny that you are part of this long-term problem, and you along with our psychologist can help it. Coming to terms with changes to yourself will mean creating ways to manage the factors impacting on your life.

Long term conditions, short term management

You will have a long-term plan set out for your illness. This will be set out for you by your doctor and specialists will be able to guide your physical problems along the way. What needs to be factored into this equation is your mental health.

At Health Psychology Clinic, our experienced psychologist will be able to embed the psychological therapy within your wellbeing strategy. Through motivation and the creation of logical goals, the limiting of psychological distress and becoming more informed about your condition, you will begin to improve your mental state.

Our psychologist, Joanna Konstantopoulou, has the necessary experience and people skills to connect with you and empathise with your situation. While it can be difficult to talk to people about the way you’re coping with your illness, choosing our team at Health Psychology Clinic can make that step.

Joanna has worked with the science behind psychology for over ten years and has a decade of professional experience to use to help you. To find out more about our service, get in touch today.