Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in London

Thought patterns, processes and preconceptions. Your brain does a whole lot of work throughout any given day. Today, for example, it will be coming up with and deciding what will be prioritised in your mind for the day. Will you worry about the same thing as yesterday? Are you going to struggle to sleep because of your problems?

There is no catch-all treatment to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, anger or eating disorders. However, there are methods that can be called upon to help you through this difficult time. At Health Psychology Clinic we can provide you with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in London that will look to solve everything that is being thrown at you.

What is cognitive behavioural therapy and how can it help you with your problems?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy method that is used across the world to solve a whole host of problems. It will help you to think differently about a certain set of situations. If you’re combatting problems that occur when you are stuck in traffic or around a certain person, CBT will look to find the explanations in your own head for the way you’re thinking.

The usual thought patterns are second nature to us, so thinking in a different way is not always a simple process. You have to make sure that you understand when you’re thinking irrationally, you’re out of line or you’re getting worked up about something over the top. CBT helps you to gauge when this is happening so that you can learn more about your mind’s processes.

How can it help with a specific problem I’m having?

If you’re struggling, for example, with social anxiety, a problem that affects a great many people around the world, then CBT can help you to see a way out of it. Whether you’re nervous about attending events where lots of people will be congregating or you’re anxious about meeting people, therapy can help you.

With our team at Health Psychology Clinic we will put your mind at rest and allow you to think differently about the problems affecting you. We will make sure that you have a rationalised view of the situation in place so that when it occurs you have a rational option available.

To find out more about our CBT treatment at Health Psychology Clinic, get in contact with us.