Cardiac Problems Support in Harley Street

Cardiac disease is something that literally strikes at the very heart of our life. The constant beating in our chest that we forget about daily becomes a problem for us minute-by-minute and second-by-second. At Health Psychology Clinic, we provide support for people with cardiac problems in Harley Street.

Your heart is the most important organ in your body and, as such, any problems with it tend to be severe and damaging. These complex and challenging issues can lead to trials with your mental health too. You’ll be under pressure from depression and anxiety that will combine to make you worried about your health and your inability to do the things you love.

Our team of psychotherapists and multi-disciplined health professionals are able to give you the best help and advice through this difficult time. You shouldn’t be pressured by your cardiac disease into thinking that you’re not healthy, you just need to know how to move through it without impacting on your heart too heavily.

Cardiology counselling is one of our main therapy sessions that we offer at Health Psychology Clinic. The severity of these problems makes your mental health and outlook on life even more important to you.

Cardiac Intervention Programme created just for you

The wide variety of cardiac problems span from myocardiac infraction, stable angina, chronic heart failure and coronary revascularisation. These can all be helped with our intervention programme in association with health professionals that will guide you through the process.

We will create a programme that is designed to improve your health, wellbeing and mental outlook. This is done through a combination of exercise, behavioural education, and psychological change. To hit all three points, you require the help of our team at Health Psychology Clinic.

The psychological side of our treatment is designed to make your quality of life blossom and allow you to forget about your cardiac problems as you improve. The anxiety, anger, depression and stress that comes immediately from a cardiac problem of any severity will be rectified with our therapy sessions.

Using a range of techniques, you will be guided through your Cardiac Intervention Programme by our team here at Health Psychology Clinic. Not only is our service designed to emphasise your quality of life, but to guarantee that you have a positive outlook on life – no matter the problems you’re facing.