It’s something everyone can struggle with at some point – the days are short, the weather is unbearable, and the food is plentiful and delicious. But overindulgence through the Christmas period can take a serious toll on your mental as well as physical well-being.

Fortunately, with the right motivation you can enjoy a happy festive season without going overboard, and without denying yourself everything you enjoy. To do so, keep these three top tips in mind.

Start early

It’s not just Christmas day in isolation that’s the culprit for festive weight gain. From the beginning of December, there are work parties, family get-together’s, attractive offers in the supermarket. It’s easy to feel yourself expanding before you’re even halfway through the month.

The right state of mind is an essential starting point to staying sensible with your intake through December. If you spend a little time setting and sticking to clear limits, you’ll have a much easier time resisting temptation. You don’t have to enjoy yourself any less.

Think about drink

It’s easy to blame those indulgent desserts and appetizers for the festive pounds piling on, but many people don’t know, or choose to forget, how much of a role alcohol can play. Alcohol is very high in calories and lowers your blood sugar, which in turn makes you hungry.

The key to this is to moderate your drinking. Think before you go out to that party or your guests arrive how many drinks you can safely have through the evening. Then exercise your willpower and make sure you stick to that limit.

Negotiating the nibbles

A buffet table can be one of the most difficult things to refuse, particularly if you’re drinking. Before you know it you’ve been half a dozen times taking a handful of this and a handful of that. The calories pile on without you even realizing.

A quick healthy snack before you go out will line your stomach and prevent you from feeling so hungry. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy anything while you’re out. But it’ll make you more discerning, and ensure you’re only choosing the things you really love.

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