There’s no better sensation than waking up and feeling like you can conquer the world. Of course, you must first get a good night’s sleep before this can happen – and this isn’t always possible if you’re not practising self-care. After all, there are many things that we do before bed – some of which we do with the best of intentions – which are actually preventing us from hitting the hay and getting the rest we deserve. Sadly, a lack of sleep usually means that you won’t be ready to tackle everything that the next day throws at you. With this in mind, here are three things you should stop doing before bed if you want to focus on true self-care.

Ditch your phone

It might feel like you’re getting a head start by replying to emails and checking your schedule on your phone after tucking yourself up in bed. In actual fact, all you’re doing is stimulating your brain – in the process making it harder to sleep. This makes it all the more likely that you’ll wake up feeling sluggish and tired instead of ready and raring to go.

Don’t bother exercising

Yes, exercise will make your body release endorphins and give you a more positive outlook before calling it a night. However, it will also increase your heart rate. While you might feel exhausted, this won’t translate into a good night’s sleep because your body will feel energised from what you’ve just put it through.

Don’t drink caffeine

Caffeine might very well be your best friend during the working day. However, after a certain hour it becomes your worst enemy. A cup of the hot stuff in the hours before bed can make it extremely difficult for you to nod off. It can also increase your stress levels, meaning you end the day on an unfortunate low note.

Good luck!

Self-care need not be complicated or time-consuming. In fact, it can be as easy as making a few lifestyle changes and cutting down on the habits that you don’t realise are bad for you.

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