Self-confidence encourages others to be confident in their abilities, contributing to a greater feeling of wellbeing for them as well as success in their chosen field. People who display self-confidence inspire others and earn their respect and admiration. They are resilient; whenever they face obstacles or setbacks, they know they have the techniques and attributes to get past them. I have put together five ways you can improve your confidence, starting today.

Build your positive network

Having positive people around you, boosts your outlook and approach to life. If your friends or family bring you down or make you feel less than worthy, you owe it to yourself to change your inner circle. Consider limiting your time with them or taking a short-term break. You might want to talk to them about how they make you feel. Balance out negativity by spending time with people who have a positive outlook.

Be aware of your physical presence

Slightly adjusting your posture by standing tall, smiling more frequently and making eye contact can make you feel and appear more confident. Pulling your shoulders back and resisting the desire to pull into yourself will put others at ease. Make and keep eye contact when you are talking to people and try not to talk too fast. Speaking slowly shows confidence and subliminally sends signals to your body that you are confident, too.

Prepare and practice

If you have to give a presentation, take an exam, or put yourself in an unfamiliar situation, the best way to feel confident and give yourself the best chance of success is to practice. For example, go into your exam hall and imagine yourself taking the test, and make sure to revise. Learn about the topic you are speaking on in enough detail to answer questions.

Don’t worry about other people

Everybody has a different journey, experience and approach. Comparing yourself to others will only make you feel worse about yourself. The chances are that your friends, family and those you follow on social media also have their own struggles and insecurities.

Take care of yourself

Invest in your body and mind to show yourself you’re worth it. Cutting back on sleep, eating the wrong foods and living an inactive lifestyle will all contribute to feeling sluggish. Failing to look after yourself stops you from feeling good.

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