It’s so easy in the rush of modern life to get caught up in doing things for other people, to get into hectic routines, or to procrastinate. All of these things can give stress the chance to build over a period of time until you’re left feeling overwhelmed. We need all the help we can get to juggle everything life throws at us, but did you know that you can be your own best friend in this regard?

Think about tomorrow, not just today

I am talking about thinking about the future you, and not just next year you, or next month you – much sooner than that. You in a few hours time, or at the end of the day, for example. Because putting yourself in your future self can be a powerful way of helping yourself out. You might not be feeling stressed in the present, but what happens in the present can add or take away future causes of stress.

If you can do it now, don’t do it later

Do you put tomorrow’s outfit out the night before? It’s so simple but it makes mornings a lot smoother by preventing half-asleep decision-making and getting rid of those five minutes spent searching for socks. Starting off your morning right can mean you’re feeling better equipped at dealing with the stresses of the day. If stress begins building before you’ve even stepped out of the door, then who’s to say where it will stop?

The two-minute ‘do it now’ rule

This is a really simple way to make sure you’re not putting off small, simple tasks until they escalate into a whole day of chores. If a task will take you two minutes or less, do it straight away instead of leaving it for later. This applies well to situations like wanting to leave your breakfast pan in the sink for later. Just think how thankful exhausted future you is going to be when they realise past you already took care of that problem. By getting rid of little tasks before they become a long list, stress can be more easily managed. To do lists often hang over your head, but maybe you won’t need one anymore.

Be more organised

It’s true that most people procrastinate, but most people also don’t know why. If you find yourself with a growing list of things to do and more and more stress surrounding actually getting them done, it might be time to think about that. Lots of procrastination is rooted in perfectionism, maybe you don’t have the motivation to start projects because of a fear of how they’ll turn out. If it’s little everyday things, then perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed. Practising mindfulness or getting more organised with a planner could help you feel more in control and on top of your hectic, stressful schedule. Your future self will really thank you.

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