The most stressful jobs don’t just fall on the backburner when you walk out of the office door. Instead, you’ll probably find that you bring aspects of the role – whether it’s admin, correspondence or project planning – back home with you at the end of the day. Even when you manage to keep such duties at bay until the start of another working day, it can feel like you’re always fighting a pent-up energy demanding that you get stuck into a task. Rather than buckle under this pressure and risk becoming overworked, here are three non-work tasks for you to help you unwind while away from the office.


Making your own food from scratch has many benefits. For starters, it’s a great way to ensure that you’re leading a healthy diet so that you can steer clear of body image issues. Just as important is the fact that it’s very rewarding to prepare a home cooked meal for yourself. Just doing this for half an hour a night is a fantastic way to ease away from the stress of your job when you first arrive home.


Jigsaws are a sure-fire way to occupy your mind for multiple hours at a time. They’re also rather mentally stimulating, meaning you can justify it better than let’s say getting lost in a mindless television show. The cherry on top of it all? Well, that would be the fact that you are training yourself to remain motivated on tasks – a willpower that could later come in handy in work.


Most people are already clued up to the benefits of exercise. These include increased fitness levels, a strengthened immune system and weight management. Then there’s also the release of endorphins which help fight off stress. Throwing yourself into exercise after work is, therefore, a great way to release any excess energy that you’ve carried home with you from the office.

Give them a go!

Self-care is something that everyone should make time for, especially those who work high-pressure jobs and are susceptible to stress. For similar lifestyle changes that can improve your frame of mind,  please feel free to reach out to discuss private sessions with me by visiting  https://www.healthpsychologyclinic.co.uk/appointments.php  – I love helping clients  and design therapeutic treatment plans for stress management.




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