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Self-care is a vital part of your emotional and physiological health. If you neglect it, you’ll find your self-confidence can plummet quickly. The good news is that with some minor lifestyle changes as you go through your working day, however, you can easily keep tabs on your self-care.

Here’s how you can negotiate a busy working day

Cut yourself some slack

It’s so easy to become your own worst enemy, holding yourself to unrealistic and unattainable standards. Self-reflection is a powerful thing, and it can be very positive, but unless you pay close attention it can very swiftly manifest into considerable self-doubt.

This will not help you achieve your goals or be more productive, so spend some time learning how to recognise when you’re being harsh on yourself and take a step back. If you wouldn’t treat one of your colleagues so cruelly, why treat yourself that way?

Time and resource management

During a busy day you will doubtless get multiple requests, all of which require you to allocate a little portion of your valuable time. It can quickly get to the point where you’re so busy taking care of other people’s requests that you haven’t achieved what you wanted to do, which can make you feel the day has been wasted.

To offset this, spend a few minutes each morning writing a little list of the most important things you need to get done today. Not only will it help you remember them, but as the day goes on and new drains on your time crop up, you can better manage their impact.

Alter your environment

Where you are matters – if you don’t like your surroundings, it’s difficult to enjoy anything else. There are small things you can do to help make a place more appealing to spend your time in; put up some artwork or pictures of loved ones, or keep some inspirational quotes or images in your eye line.

If you’ve been putting off tidying up your desk, bite the bullet and do it. An orderly workspace helps encourage an orderly mind and can help you navigate your workday much more easily.

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