For some of us, it can be difficult to make permanent changes in our lives. We often start out with fantastic intentions to complete a project or develop a new skill, but somewhere along the way our old self-limiting habits creep back in and stop us from realising our goals.

However, there are a few simple things you can do to combat this frustrating cycle. Read on to find out how adapting your lifestyle can have knock-on effects in helping you realise your ambitions.

1. Keep a tidy room for a tidy mind

Keeping your office or domestic space clean and tidy will eliminate distractions and make you feel more capable in general. Trying to achieve anything taxing will simply be all the more difficult with mess around you

2. Wake up early

Early mornings are often the best time to get things done. With others sound asleep and minimal hustle and bustle outside, the mornings can bring a sense of clarity that will allow you to press on with tasks. It goes without saying, however, that you should allow yourself enough time to sleep. Hop into bed a little earlier so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

3. Adopt a healthy eating plan

It may be a cliche, but there really is such a thing as brain food. Adopting a healthy lifestyle with plenty of vegetables and vitamin-rich foods will help you function at the top of your game, and will do great things for your physical health. Mixing this with plenty of exercise is another way to make sure you’re staying healthy in mind and body.

4. Promise yourself some motivational rewards

Promising yourself treats for the completion of certain milestones is a great motivator. Be kind to yourself and allow for a little indulgence from time to time, whether that be your favourite chocolate bar or a last-minute holiday.

5. Act confident

When embarking on new challenges it is very natural to feel out of one’s depth. In these early stages, however, it is important to act confident even if your inner voice feels the complete opposite. Playing a confident role will actually help build up your self-esteem and allow others to see your new and burgeoning talents.

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