Anger Management Therapy In London

Situations crop up at some points in life that will spawn anger. Whether you have the most pacified personality possible, anger can still take a hold of you. At Health Psychology Clinic, we’re passionate about solving your anger problems, or helping you to teach you to calm down with our anger management therapy in London.

Based on the famous Harley Street in London, our team of experts are constantly helping people through their anger issues, which are as varied as they are unique. Even if you’re only angry in one single situation or you feeling it boiling up in several daily situations, we can help you through it.

The relief you feel when you get rid of your anger is great, but if it takes place far too often, it can become a drain on your life. We’re all accustomed to coping with little chunks of stress throughout the day, and anger is a natural response.

However, this anger can start to override other emotions and prompt detrimental health effects for you. It can also become a dividing factor in your everyday relationships. Flying off the pan can mean saying and doing things that you wouldn’t normally do, alienating the people around you.

We can help you understand the root cause of what makes you angry.

Through cognitive behavioural therapy sessions, you will understand the difference between internal and external anger. Internal anger spawns from yourself and will often cause rifts in your relationships, make you worry about situations or get angry about past experiences or thoughts.

External anger comes from things that aren’t under your control. This can be anything from a traffic jam, becoming ill or someone bumping into you on the street. These are things that aren’t under your lock and key and can spawn a plethora of angry responses.

Our team here understand that everyone gets angry. However, the coping mechanism we have for these angry moments shouldn’t be detrimental to ourselves or the people around us. We will ease you through the problems that are causing your anger issues and give you the impetus and techniques to deal with it.

While it’s one of the hardest emotions to portray in a calm manner, our cognitive behavioural therapy will help you to see where the anger stems from in any given situation. This can be anything from fear or sadness that you are portraying through anger.

To find out more about our cognitive behavioural therapy, get in touch with us today.