Joanna Konstantopoulou

Joanna Konstantopoulou

Health Psychologist – Psychotherapist

B.Sc. (Hons) Psych., M.Sc.Health Psych., M.Sc. Child Dev. Psych., Dipl. RECBT, HCPC Reg.

Joanna Konstantopoulou is an experienced registered practitioner psychologist specialising in Health Psychology and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

With over 10 years of scientific knowledge in psychology, and over 8 years of professional clinical experience she is an expert in behavioral and emotional change.

Her experience includes:

  • Psychological therapy to individuals, groups and couples with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues including depression, anxiety, anger, jealousy and relationship issues, ADHD, health anxiety, chronic health issues and weight management. She hasworked extensively with cases of dental phobia, binge eating disorders and body image issues.
  • Designing and successfully implementing evidence based clinical and health projects which applied in a range of patients in a clinical setting and private practice.
  • Complete her clinical training under the supervision of internationally recognized clinical and health psychologists in United Kingdom, USA and Greece.

At present Joanna Konstantopoulou practices privately in the medical district of Harley street, she specialises in behavioural change; giving emphasis on helping her clients improve their overall wellbeing, develop a rational mindset, and achieve balance in mental, emotional and physical functioning. Sheoffers psychological therapy to individuals, couples and groups with emotional, behavioral and chronic health issues”.

Joanna Konstantopoulou adds:

“I amdedicated to provide psychological treatment and I use the most effective approach based on the best scientific evidence available. Ihave a strong interest in the therapeutic outcome with each client having a tailored treatment. I use a variety of therapeutic tools and behavioral techniques, cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, motivation interviewing, assertiveness training and mindfulness. My passion and enthusiasm about psychology have helped me at work with my clients building good rapport and have great results in the therapeutic outcome.

Every year I participate in several conferences and seminars and I am committed to Continuing Professional Development. I have a keen interest in learning and applying the latest scientific approaches in the psychology field and deliver the best psychological knowledge in my private psychology practice.

I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council as a registered practitioner Psychologist and I abide by the ethical principles and code of professional conduct adopted by HCPC and BPS”.

Additionally, Joanna Konstantopoulou as a founder and clinical director of a busy and fast growing psychology clinic, she has developed over the years her entrepreneurial skills. She expresses a strong interest in helping corporate firms with business / health coaching and interventions in areas such as leadership development, motivation, wellbeing, goal setting and decision-making, empowerment of individuals to develop a work-life balance, assertiveness training, work-stress management, communication skills/ active listening and team building.

She is a contributor to a health and well-being newsletter and writer to Health Psychology Clinic’s blog. Also, she is often interviewed about health, coping with chronic illness, weight management and body image topics.

When Joanna is not at work, she loves to exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle. She is an active tennis player, she lovesrunning, cycling and travelling.


  • Bachelor of Science with honors (B.Sc.) in Psychology- Middlesex University, UK
  • Master of Science in Health Psychology – Hertfordshire University, UK
  • Master of Science in Child Development – Institute of Education, University of London, UK
  • A four-year Professional diploma in Rational Emotive & Cognitive BehaviorTherapy accredited by the Albert Ellis Institute New York, USA


  • Health and Care Professions Council registered health psychologist
  • The British Psychological Society (Division of Health Psychology)
  • The Association of Greek Psychologists
  • American Psychological Association